Cover the poo

Sometimes we here at Crappier but Cheaper see DIY projects and think… only in (insert neighborhood / town / city). 

And that’s exactly what came to mind when we saw this. Drumroll, please. 

Best guesses?

That’s right, a decorated port a potty. A port a potty with curb appeal. 

Keep the neighborhood beautiful, people!



We’ve been quiet over here at Crappier but cheaper. The fact is, it takes a lot to impress us and meet the quality bar. The DIY work we’ve been seeing recently? It’s just too good. Until today. 

Oh, how I wish there had been some creature in this contraption when CBC drove by! 

This homemade catwalk (or at least that’s what we assume it is) on the second floor apartment is crappy but also pretty darn cool. It joins together two windows likely (hopefully?) in the same apartment. 

But this cat has options. And ways to hide just out of reach. 

Do cats feel fear? It’s worth driving by his gem again to find out. 

It’s also worth driving by in an effort to confirm the pet this is meant to serve is indeed a cat. Active Guinea Pig anyone?

Just so long as it doesn’t fall off

Beautiful neighborhood. Lovely house with ivy crawling up it’s exterior. Take a gander from the landscaping on up and all looks nice. Keep your eyes moving up and …. woah. What is with that house hat?

DIY roof? Oh, I most believeĀ so!

Makeshift roof, in the sense that it’s a temporary fix? I don’t think so. It’s been like this for as long as Crappier but Cheaper has lived in the neighborhood. This is no temp job. It’s for keeps.

It’s like a Van Gogh. From far away, it looks ok.

Get a little closer in, and…not quite as beauteous.

We’re no builders, but it seems stable. In third world countries, a tin roof would be an optimal choice. I’ve seen them in many tropical island destinations. Alas, that is not the type of country in which we live.

Tin roof! Rusted.