We’ve been quiet over here at Crappier but cheaper. The fact is, it takes a lot to impress us and meet the quality bar. The DIY work we’ve been seeing recently? It’s just too good. Until today. 

Oh, how I wish there had been some creature in this contraption when CBC drove by! 

This homemade catwalk (or at least that’s what we assume it is) on the second floor apartment is crappy but also pretty darn cool. It joins together two windows likely (hopefully?) in the same apartment. 

But this cat has options. And ways to hide just out of reach. 

Do cats feel fear? It’s worth driving by his gem again to find out. 

It’s also worth driving by in an effort to confirm the pet this is meant to serve is indeed a cat. Active Guinea Pig anyone?


Lights out, uh huh, splash, splash, splash 

Back splash that’s quickly, cheaply and easily replaceable but yet adds a dash of pizzazz to your old, crappy kitchen that you can’t update because you rent. 


1 piece possibly poorly cut snazzy contact paper

1 straight edge

1 eyeballed or measured size

1 pair scissors or exacto knife

Directions: measure space, bonus points if contact paper already has correct height because they you only have to make one cut. Cut piece of contact paper. Roll opposite way than its been stored so that it lies mostly flat. Apply contact paper slowly. Use straight edge to flatten as you go. 

Estimated time: 20 minutes, varies based on your level of precision 

Servings: serves whole oven until it gets dirty and then you remove and repeat instructions above.

Blow me over

[Editor’s note: We love this Crappier but Cheaper post the most because it came entirely – image and text – from reader submission. This is the kind of involvement we are looking for people! Note the heavy use of “quotation marks” that really drive home the irony. We love weather-motivated ingenuity. Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention.]

Do you live in an old, ranch-style house, with retro-crank out windows, no modern HVAC, and you’re trying to save a few bucks for a modern HVAC, but need to beat the heat this summer?

Well here’s a very crappier but cheaper “attic fan”… that’s not even setup to blow into the attic! Instead simply “install” a “window fan” into a said window that can’t handle “window fan” (at far end of house) like this genius did. Then, at night, crank open all windows in the house, crank that crappy fan up to high, and chill out! 

Don’t leaf me at the table

This one was pulled from the photo archives.

Sometimes, especially when you buy used furniture, you don’t have all the furniture parts you need. So you get an expandable table without the missing leaf, for example. Have no fear. Random pieces of wood are here and can quickly be made to fit the space.


And since your guest list includes kids (note the table decor), they probably won’t care much anyway. And something tells me that may not be the first bottle of wine enjoyed that day.

Here’s a close up, in case you missed the detail. It’s a good fit.


DIY: Holiday tablecloth

Too cheap to splurge on a festive table covering that you’ll use but once a year? Just buy a roll of cheap (or expensive, if that’s how you roll) holiday wrapping paper and wrap that table up tight. You could even add a bow, if you’re crazy like that.

Still, even without a bow, this actually doesn’t look so crappy. And I’m sure it’s quite satisfying to tear off the paper post-holiday celebration, or during, if you want to make a dramatic statement during a family flair up. Oooh, that sounds fun.