Hanging by a….hose?

Is this canoe hanging by a thread, or would you feel confident standing underneath it and taking your chances? I think I’ll hang tight over here and out of the way.

This one came in through reader submission – text and all. We thought it best to preserve the spirit in which it was sent.

Hey, I got this big canoe.

Hey, I got this holey crappy garden hose.

Hey, I got this shed but need to store my lawn mower and crap.

Hey, here’s an idea: make a thrifty little canoe hanging thing out of the hose. It won’t scratch the canoe. It won’t slip. And it’s very easy to maneuver.


Thank you, baysofhail. Keep that creativity coming! And by the way, nice canoe.

DIY: Holiday tablecloth

Too cheap to splurge on a festive table covering that you’ll use but once a year? Just buy a roll of cheap (or expensive, if that’s how you roll) holiday wrapping paper and wrap that table up tight. You could even add a bow, if you’re crazy like that.

Still, even without a bow, this actually doesn’t look so crappy. And I’m sure it’s quite satisfying to tear off the paper post-holiday celebration, or during, if you want to make a dramatic statement during a family flair up. Oooh, that sounds fun.