Lock me up

The cost benefits here of daisy chaining padlocks to form a chain seem counter intuitive. But since it isn’t a true DIY project, well, the owner can change their mind whenever they want. Or maybe it’s simply a lock-storage system for the parks employees. 

Hey Mikey I need to lock up gate 34. Got any extra padlocks? 

Not on me, bro. But I keep a bunch at he gate up on the main entrance. Just make sure that gate stays locked too. 

And now it’s a problem. 


Stairway to heaven

We are so glad we came across this DIY post, and can only hope we are able to learn what was intended. Was she indeed buying a stairway to heaven?

Could there be some reason a staircase should block not one, but two doorways? Could there be a parallel universe? Is this a stairway inside John Malkovich‘s head?

See Deidre Alexander‘s blog for the Crappier but Cheaper gem she discovered. 

Lights out, uh huh, splash, splash, splash 

Back splash that’s quickly, cheaply and easily replaceable but yet adds a dash of pizzazz to your old, crappy kitchen that you can’t update because you rent. 


1 piece possibly poorly cut snazzy contact paper

1 straight edge

1 eyeballed or measured size

1 pair scissors or exacto knife

Directions: measure space, bonus points if contact paper already has correct height because they you only have to make one cut. Cut piece of contact paper. Roll opposite way than its been stored so that it lies mostly flat. Apply contact paper slowly. Use straight edge to flatten as you go. 

Estimated time: 20 minutes, varies based on your level of precision 

Servings: serves whole oven until it gets dirty and then you remove and repeat instructions above.