Blow me over

[Editor’s note: We love this Crappier but Cheaper post the most because it came entirely – image and text – from reader submission. This is the kind of involvement we are looking for people! Note the heavy use of “quotation marks” that really drive home the irony. We love weather-motivated ingenuity. Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention.]

Do you live in an old, ranch-style house, with retro-crank out windows, no modern HVAC, and you’re trying to save a few bucks for a modern HVAC, but need to beat the heat this summer?

Well here’s a very crappier but cheaper “attic fan”… that’s not even setup to blow into the attic! Instead simply “install” a “window fan” into a said window that can’t handle “window fan” (at far end of house) like this genius did. Then, at night, crank open all windows in the house, crank that crappy fan up to high, and chill out! 


Let some air in

Somebody let some air in and some moisture out! These balconies won’t make it without some help.

Is this a unique approach to rotting-balcony ventilation? Maybe or maybe not. The crappier part was letting them get to the point of rot. These are the ones that made it. The lucky ones. Or the unlucky ones?

Swing out, sister

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s an important lesson, one that children can learn from an early age.

Tires are sturdy, long lasting and have lots of reuse possibilities. Holding a little kids bottom while they swing high into the air seems like a really fun way to make good use of old tires. And unless you are making tire furniture, swings are the best alternative.

Crappier but cheaper, BUT totally cool.

(Thanks to a reader submission for this one.)