Just so long as it doesn’t fall off

Beautiful neighborhood. Lovely house with ivy crawling up it’s exterior. Take a gander from the landscaping on up and all looks nice. Keep your eyes moving up and …. woah. What is with that house hat?

DIY roof? Oh, I most believe so!

Makeshift roof, in the sense that it’s a temporary fix? I don’t think so. It’s been like this for as long as Crappier but Cheaper has lived in the neighborhood. This is no temp job. It’s for keeps.

It’s like a Van Gogh. From far away, it looks ok.

Get a little closer in, and…not quite as beauteous.

We’re no builders, but it seems stable. In third world countries, a tin roof would be an optimal choice. I’ve seen them in many tropical island destinations. Alas, that is not the type of country in which we live.

Tin roof! Rusted.


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