Redefining the woodie

Daydreaming back to the days of 1970s panel cars? Relaying your wooden flooring at home and have spare pieces? Aiming to disrupt the woodie car market? 

If any of these things are important to you, find the owner of this car and you may have a business partner. 


Just so long as it doesn’t fall off

Beautiful neighborhood. Lovely house with ivy crawling up it’s exterior. Take a gander from the landscaping on up and all looks nice. Keep your eyes moving up and …. woah. What is with that house hat?

DIY roof? Oh, I most believe so!

Makeshift roof, in the sense that it’s a temporary fix? I don’t think so. It’s been like this for as long as Crappier but Cheaper has lived in the neighborhood. This is no temp job. It’s for keeps.

It’s like a Van Gogh. From far away, it looks ok.

Get a little closer in, and…not quite as beauteous.

We’re no builders, but it seems stable. In third world countries, a tin roof would be an optimal choice. I’ve seen them in many tropical island destinations. Alas, that is not the type of country in which we live.

Tin roof! Rusted.

Itsy bitsy spider 

Those with less can get by on less. Sometimes crappier but cheaper DIY projects are done based purely on need. The aesthetics are less important than function. 

That’s why this gutter and down spout combo likely meets all this homeowner needs. But does it hold up in a torrential downpour, which they certainly have plenty of in the Dominican Republic? 

As this was the home of a coffee farmer, I trust the Eco and functional benefits are high. Reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Clothing line

When your child runs into the clothes line

And a scab forms upon his eyelid

You change your idea

About how to hang clothes here

So you screw wood into the rails.

You brace the wood well

Because, what the hell

And you wait for the next day of gales. 

DIY, baby. Word.