Don’t leaf me at the table

This one was pulled from the photo archives.

Sometimes, especially when you buy used furniture, you don’t have all the furniture parts you need. So you get an expandable table without the missing leaf, for example. Have no fear. Random pieces of wood are here and can quickly be made to fit the space.


And since your guest list includes kids (note the table decor), they probably won’t care much anyway. And something tells me that may not be the first bottle of wine enjoyed that day.

Here’s a close up, in case you missed theĀ detail. It’s a good fit.



Hang this, bird

Hummingbirds like rest, too. Yes, they are fast and one cAn flap its wings up to 70 times per second, but everyone likes a little rest while they nosh. 

There’s no need to buy a hanging feeder. Don’t despair. All you need to place a hummingbird feeder precariously on a balcony edge is:

  • 1 paper clip
  • Reclaimed wire from a discarded hubcap
  • Leftover tubing from a fish tank
  • A few screws to secure it 

She feeds many. A great success!


Hanging by a….hose?

Is this canoe hanging by a thread, or would you feel confident standing underneath it and taking your chances? I think I’ll hang tight over here and out of the way.

This one came in through reader submission – text and all. We thought it best to preserve the spirit in which it was sent.

Hey, I got this big canoe.

Hey, I got this holey crappy garden hose.

Hey, I got this shed but need to store my lawn mower and crap.

Hey, here’s an idea: make a thrifty little canoe hanging thing out of the hose. It won’t scratch the canoe. It won’t slip. And it’s very easy to maneuver.


Thank you, baysofhail. Keep that creativity coming! And by the way, nice canoe.

Curb Appeal

Trying to sell a building that is in much need of love and repair? Don’t despair! Don’t have the inclination to spend time or money on it? Start a quick fix DIY landscaping and curb appeal improvement that doesn’t improve a thing!

Is your eye drawn to the dramatic flower arrangements or the dirty ground, scummy railing and cracked handrail posts? 

These arrangements you can do yourself at home or buy at a local hardware store will draw the buyers’ eyes down and to the worst spots while covering only the smallest areas instead of drawing the focus up and away. 

And it’s all DIY. This, too, could be yours.