Rain on me

Detecting a theme? We can’t often have love raining down, but we certainly don’t want rain coming down inside our homes. 

That was the motivation for this landlord to nail this piece of roof on top of the roof. 

Insiders report it Did Not Work. Shocking! 

My next photo would have been of the tarp that was tied over part of said roof and balcony next to it. However, the rain and wind blew that right off. 

First world problems. Third world solutions. 


Rain got you down?

If the long-awaited California rain has got you down, then you must be the already-once-repaired carport roof. 

The last time this piece was on the ground was the last time we saw serious rains in the Bay Area. So about 4 years ago. It was “repaired” then by the “handyman,” but it didn’t hesitate to crap out again when the rains came down. 

Certainly, the next DIY patch job is sure to be the one that holds? Yeah right. See you here with the update next time it rains.